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How to set up Kiosk mode for fully managed iOS/iPad devices

You can provide your users with iOS/iPadOS devices that are in so-called kiosk mode. Devices in this mode have only one app, which is launched automatically when the user logs in to the device.


In this how-to, we'll show you how to put fully managed iOS/iPadOS devices into Kiosk mode using a policy.


  • First add the app you would like to have available on the device in Kiosk mode in the Administration Portal.
  • Assign the apps to the users, groups or devices.

assign app Pages

  • In the Administration Portal select Administration→ Policies. 
  • Click on the plus sign, to create a new policy.  
  • Then select iOS/iPadOS. Keep the Supervised Devices enrollment method.

enrollment method supervised devices

  • Enable the Kiosk Mode checkbox (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Click Search (lower arrow in illus.).

enable kiosk mode and search

  • Find the app you want in the app store, and then click Select.

search app and select

  • The corresponding Bundle ID (arrow in illus.) will then be automatically inserted (in the example: Pages).

bundle ID automatically inserted

  • Select the appropriate policy and click on Assign.
  • Now select the users, groups or devices to whom you would like to assign the policy.
Note! When assigning directives, be sure to follow the instructions in our Help article Special conditions when assigning multiple policies.
Note! You can also assign the policies under Administration→ Users or Groups.

The user can only access the Pages app. This app is always open after unlocking the device. The user cannot access any other apps or settings on the device.

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