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How to prevent WhatsApp, Clubhouse and their like from accessing business contacts on iOS

In this How-To we show you how to prevent privately used apps (such as WhatsApp, Clubhouse or Facebook) from gaining access to your users’ business contacts


If users are using their iOS devices for both private as well as business purposes, there is a risk that private apps could copy and download business contacts. In this How-To we will show you how you can use a policy to prevent that.


For such a policy to take effect, the business emails and contacts must also be managed with the Cortado Administration Portal. Create an Exchange profile for this and assign it to your users. Proceed with that as described here.

  • To set up the policy, select Administration→ Policies in the Administration PortalClick on the plus sign to create a new policy (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Then select iOS/iPadOS.
  • For private iOS devices select User Enrollment (middle arrow in illus.) as the enrolment method. 
  • For company owned devices with a private Apple ID select Supervised Devices as the enrolment method.
  • Retain the checkbox setting (unchecked) for Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contacts and uncheck the checkboxes Allow documents from managed sources in unmanaged destinations (lower arrows in illus.).

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

  • Then assign the policy to the users/groups/devices.

a screenshot of a cell phone description page.

Now private apps can no longer access the users’ business contacts.

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