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How to renew the token of a ADE profile for iOS devices

The token for your ADE certificate, which you need for automatic device enrollment, remains valid for one year and must therefore be regularly renewed. To do so, it is necessary to download a new token in the Apple Business Manager.


This How To tells you what steps must be undertaken to renew the ADE token of a ADE profile.


  • Open the Apple Business Manager under and log in.
  • In your profile (left arrow in illus.), under PreferencesMDM Server Assignment (top middle arrow in illus.), select the MDM server (bottom middle arrow in illus.) whose token you want to renew.
  • Then click on Download Token (right arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

  • Now open the Cortado Administration Portal and select Administration→Settings→ Apple Automated Device Enrollment.
  • Select the ADE profile (left arrow in the illus.) for which you want to renew the token and then click on Edit (right arrow in the illus.).

a screenshot of the apple appliance configuration.

  • Select Select token and upload the token to the Apple Business Manager (arrow in the illus.).

a screenshot of a web page showing the settings for the application.

You can find more information on the subject of configuring ADE devices here.

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