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How to make web clips for iOS available to your users

Web Clips are small icons that can be placed on the home screen of iOS devices to directly open a web page. They have the same appearance there as a normal app. But when you tap on them, it’s not an app, but rather a specific web page that opens in the browser. In this How To you will learn how you can use Apple Configurator and the Cortado administration portal to make this type of Web Clip available to your users.


The aim is to create a policy with the macOS Apple Configurator and to distribute it to your users via the Cortado Administration Portal.


  • Download Apple Configurator onto your Apple Mac. The configurator is available as a free download in the Mac AppStore.
  • Start Apple Configurator.
  • Create a profile by clicking on File→ New Profile.
  • Go to the Web Clips section at the end of the list on the left side and click on the Configure button.
  • Configure the Web Clip as follows:
  • Label: Give your Web Clip a name.
  • URL: Enter the URL of the web page that links to the Web Clip.
  • Icon: Upload an icon in PNG format, to be displayed on the home screen. The size should be 59 x 60 pixels. (If no image is uploaded, a white square will be displayed.)
  • Save the profile.

a screenshot of a web clip with the option to display the web clip.

  • Now go to the Cortado Administration Portal.
  • Select Adminisitration→ Policies there.
  • Create a new policy (left arrow in illus.) and then click on iOS/iPadOS Using Apple Configurator (right arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

  • Upload the new profile for the Web Clip here.

a screenshot of the policy configuration dialog.

  • Select the new policy and assign it to the desired users, groups or devices.

assign policy to users, groups or devices

The users will now find the Web Clips on the home screens of their devices.

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