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How to replace your test certificate for the Apple Push Notification service

Are you still using a test certificate for the Apple Push Notification service? Then it's time for a change. A test certificate should only be used during a test phase (Proof of Concept). In a productive environment, you need your own Apple push certificate.


In this how-to, we will show you how iOS/iPadOS devices that are currently still using a test certificate can be re-enrolled, using your own Apple push certificate.


Checking Apple Push Certificate

It is easy to check whether you are still using a test certificate.

  • In the Cortado administration portal, select Administration→ Settings.
  • Open the Apple Push certificate tab. If you are using a test certificate, a corresponding message will be displayed there (see illus.).
  • You can also see here how many devices are using the test certificate.

a screen shot of the apple test certificate.

If you haven't already done so, generate a certificate request now and create your own Apple Push certificate. Your test certificate will expire soon and cannot be renewed. 

Proceed now as described in our help article Set up Apple Push Certificate.

a screenshot of the apple push certificate.

Once you have a new Apple push certificate, all devices that are re-enrolled from that point on will automatically use the new certificate.

Identifying and re-enrolling devices that still have a test certificate

In the device overview, under Administration→ Devices, you can identify a device that is using a test certificate and is therefore in test mode. This is displayed in the Details tab under Apple Push Certificate (arrow in the illus.).

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

Re-enrolling devices that are in test mode. The changeover can be made gradually. The best time to change certificates is when you are replacing hardware. When re-enrolling, the new Apple Push certificate will be used automatically.

Fully-managed devices (COBO, COPE) must be reset to factory settings for the certificate change. Re-enroll the devices after the reset. Proceed as described in our help article Embedding company-owned iOS/iPaddevices (COBO/COPE).

For BYOD devices with a workspace, the changeover is very simple. To proceed, the workspace must be removed from the device. Then the user re-enrolls his or her device.

When there are no devices running in test mode, the corresponding message in the Apple Push certificate tab (see above) is deleted.

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