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How to renew your Apple Push Certificate

The Apple Push Certificate, which is required to establish a secure connection between the Cortado administration portal and your users' iOS/iPadOS devices, is valid for one year. It must therefore be renewed regularly in the Apple Push Certificates Portal.


This How To explains the steps you need to take to renew your Apple Push certificate.


Open the Cortado administration portal and select Administration→ Settings→ Apple Push Certificate

Your Apple Push certificate is valid for one year (arrow in illus.). If the certificate has expired, you must renew it.

Apple Push Certificate in the Cortado Administration Portal

  • If you want to renew your certificate, tap on Renew Apple Push Certificate in the menu (arrow in illus.).

renew Apple Push Certificate

  • Fill out the form and confirm with OK. 

a screenshot of a generate certificate signing request form.

  • Click on Submit to open a new website. 

a screenshot of a apns signing page for a web page.

  • By clicking Submit (see above), the Certificate Signing Request was automatically uploaded to the new website and signed by Cortado.

a screenshot of the apple push notification service.

  • In step 2 you can download the signed certificate request (CSR). 

a screenshot of a download signed csr for a computer.

The signed CSR file is then saved.

a screenshot of a screenshot of a computer screen with text file highlighted.

Note! Be sure to use the same Apple ID that you used to create your Apple Push certificate a year ago. If no certificate is available, you have probably signed in with the wrong Apple ID.

a sign that says, create or renew ans certificate.

  • Use the serial number of the certificate to check whether it is the certificate to be renewed.
  • You can find the serial number (upper arrow in illus.) by clicking on the info button (lower arrow in illus.).

serial number of the certificate

  • Compare the serial number with the number in the Cortado administration portal.

serial number of the certificate in administration portal

  • If the serial numbers match, then click on Renew (see illus.).
Caution! To renew the certificate, do not use the "Create a certificate" button but the "Renew" button. Otherwise you will generate a new certificate and all users will have to register their devices again.

renew certificate

  • Select your signed certificate request, and upload it. 

upload signed certificate request

  • Shortly after, you can download your certificate in .pem format (arrow in illus.). 

a screenshot of the apple flash certificate portal.

The downloaded Apple Push Certificate is saved.

a screenshot of a apple push certificate folder.

  • Upload the .pem file by clicking Choose Certificate in the Administration Portal. 

a screenshot of the apple device certificate.

  • The successfully uploaded Apple Push certificate is now displayed in the administration portal:

renewed certificate in administration portal

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