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06/06/24 – Cortado MDM with many new features

We are pleased to announce that Cortado MDM now offers additional new features that make managing your mobile devices even easier.

Automatic WLAN setup for fully managed devices

Until now, users always had to enter the Wi-Fi access data themselves when initially registering their fully managed devices (COBO, COPE). In future, this step will no longer be necessary if you store the access data in the management portal in the settings for Android Enterprise. You can find more information on this in our help article Create Managed Google Play accounts for Android Enterprise.

configure Enrollment Wi-Fi

More overview in device management

To give you a better overview of your mobile devices, we have integrated a filter function in device management (arrow in illus.). You can now filter by OS and management status of the devices. It is also easier to find devices that have recently been removed from the administration. Further information on searching and filtering devices can be found in our help article Search and filter for devices in the Administration Portal.

filter for devices

Duplicate policies

You can now duplicate your policies. We are fulfilling this frequently expressed customer request with the new version of Cortado MDM. 

Since policies contain extensive configuration options, it can often be useful to duplicate a policy once it has been created, e.g. to make it available to other users/groups/devices in a slightly modified form. You can find out how this works in our help article Assign/unassign, edit and duplicate policies.

duplicate policy

Displaying the installation status of self-hosted apps

Do you use self-hosted apps? In other words, apps that have only been developed for your company and are not available in the App Store? Then you can now easily find out whether an update of such an app (Android oder iOS/iPadOS) was successful. A separate status is now displayed for each version of the app (with the same package ID) in the device management in the detailed aspect for an app. For example, for the same app, the installation status of the latest version is displayed as successful, while the older version fails due to an impossible downgrade of the app on the device (example in the image).

installation of an older version failed

Report a calm

Customers who rent their company cell phones from Cortado can now report damage (e.g. a defective device) directly via the Cortado administration portal. You can find more information on this in our help article Find information about mobile devices in the Administration Portal.

report a claim

New iOS guideline for the use of alternative app marketplaces in the EU

Apple has allowed the use of third-party app stores since iOS/iPadOS version 17.4. A new policy is therefore now available for supported devices, which can be used to prevent the use of such app stores.

allow installing apps using alternative app marketplaces

You can find more information about configuring policies in our help article Create policies for iOS/iPadOS devices.

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