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Create Managed Google Play accounts for Android Enterprise

Set up Managed Google Play accounts for your Android devices in the Cortado Administration Portal. This allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of Android Enterprise.

Configuring Managed Google Play accounts is simple and quick. This allows you to manage your users' devices and their apps in no time at all.

Note! Create up to four additional administrator accounts to configure Cortado MDM.

Register your organization with Google

Configure Google settings to the Administration Portal

Register your organization with Google

  • If you want to use the Managed Google Play Accounts for your Android MDM, select in the Administration Portal Administration→ Settings→ Android Enterprise→ Enroll Android Enterprise. 

a screenshot of an android enterprise page.

  • Then click on Start sign up.

a sign up page for an app with an image of a woman.

Log in to Google in the next window. Use either:

  1. an existing admin account for Google Workspace,
  2. a business e-mail address that does not yet have a Google Workspace account,
  3. or any Gmail address.

create admin account

1. Log in with an existing admin account for Google Workspace

  • Enter your password and then click on Allow.

allow managing the account

Registration is now complete. Your Workspace account has been successfully linked to Cortado. Continue as described below

2. Sign in with a business email address that does not yet have a Google Workspace account

If you do not yet have a Google Workspace account, you can register your company directly now.

  • Use an e-mail address with your company domain (e.g.: to register.
  • You will then receive a verification email from Google. Confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link in the e-mail.

verify your email

  • Enter your contact details and confirm your entry.

enter contact details

  • Add further subscriptions to your management account. Android Enterprise for Cortado is already activated.

add subscriptions

  • Set your password for the Google Admin Console and confirm the entry.

create password

  • Confirm the administration of Android Enterprise with Cortado and create your Google Admin account.

allow and create account

Registration is now complete. Continue as described below.

3. Log in with any Gmail account

  • Select the option on the right and click on Sign up.

  • You will now be redirected to the Google Play registration page. 
  • In the next window, click on Get started.

a screenshot of the google play app.

  • You will need a Google account for the registration simply create a new account if you don’t have one already.
  • Now use your Google account to sign in.

a screen shot of a google account.

  • Now enter your company name and then click on Next

a screenshot of a web page with a business name.

  •  Now provide the names and contact details of the data protection officer and the EU representative in your company. 

a screenshot of the contact details page.

  • Then click on Complete Registration

a sign that says set up complete thanks for choosing android enterprise.

The registration is now complete. 

Configure Google settings to the Administration Portal

Further settings can be made in the Cortado administration portal if required.

  • To do so open the Cortado Administration Portal under Administration→ Settings→ Android Enterprise→ Configure.

Device synchronization

  • We recommend the use of immediate push notifications based on Google Firebase Cloud-Messaging (upper arrow in illus.). This setting is activated by default. This ensures that all assignments (apps, profiles, policies, etc.) to your users' devices are executed immediately.

device synchronization

Note! The Google Play Services must be activated in the Google Workspace Admin Portal for this (arrow in illus.).

activate Google Play services

  • Otherwise, pull synchronization is used automatically. Here you can define an interval between 30 and 43200 minutes in which the user's devices are regularly synchronized (lower arrow in illus.). Apps, policies, profiles and so on are then pushed to the devices at the specified interval.

Configuration of Android Enterprise

All data required for the Managed Google Play account is automatically stored under Android Enterprise. Do not make any changes here.

configure Android Enterprise

The checkbox Auto enable users for Android Enterprise while import (upper arrow in illus.) is only needed when using Google Accounts. Do not make any changes here.

The Set up Managed Google Play accounts on fully managed devices (lower arrow in illus.) checkbox is also enabled by default (lower arrow in illus.). If you want users of fully managed devices (COBO) to manage their apps themselves, uncheck the checkbox. You can find more information on this here.

Device integrity policy

Learn how to configure the device integrity policy settings for Google here.

set up device integrity policy

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