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03/03/22 – Cortado MDM with new server location and many new features

Cortado MDM has moved to a new server location. Software hosting was moved from the Netherlands to the Azure data center in Frankfurt am Main. With Azure, we continue to rely on Microsoft's proven, high-performance infrastructure. An industry-leading availability promise of 99.99% and redundant data storage ensures the best possible protection against downtime and data loss. The data center in Frankfurt a. M. fulfills all requirements of the BSI basic protection and has all certificates important for server operation (including C5 certification). As a result, both the company headquarters and the software hosting are now located in Germany. Data protection is therefore strictly in line with German law.

In addition, Cortado MDM now supports the control of location services for Android devices from version 11 or higher. Thus, with the help of a policy, it can be specified that the location services for all apps by the user, can no longer be switched on or off. For more information, see our help article How to configure location services for Android devices.

Also, renewing Apple push certificates will be easier in the future. The current Apple Push Certificate can now be identified by its serial number, making it easier to select in the Apple Push Certificates portal. For more information, see our help article Apple Push Certificate Setup – Renew Certificate.

Via, you can now view the current status of all Cortado MDM services by clicking on the Service Status button. In addition, you can see here when the next maintenance or update of the services is due.

If required, the new version of Cortado MDM gives you the option of accessing the Cortado MDM API. For this purpose, API keys can now be generated for all administrators in the administrator management. You can find more information on this in our article How to access the Cortado MDM API.

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