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05/30/23 – Cortado MDM with new group feature

We are pleased to announce that Cortado is introducing a completely new group management. The previously available group templates will be replaced by the new groups. This makes the management of policies, profiles, apps and configurations even easier and clearer. Your existing group templates have been automatically converted into the new groups.

Groups feature in Administration Portal

Advantages of the new groups

  • Users can be members of multiple groups.
  • Prioritization of groups is no longer necessary.
  • Groups always apply all settings directly to devices, eliminating the manual rollout step.
  • Multiple policies are grouped together and the most restrictive setting is applied.
  • All apps assigned to groups are rolled out.
  • Groups can be disabled.
  • New users can be added to none, one or more groups automatically.
Important! For your Android devices, make sure that at least Cortado app version 11.0.272 or higher is installed. Carefully check that all policies, apps, profiles, and configurations are still implemented on the devices as desired.

Detailed information about the new group feature can be found in our help articles.

For an overview of what you need to consider when distributing policies, profiles and apps to devices, users and groups, see our help article Configure and assign policies, profiles and apps. For more information on what you need to consider when distributing policies, see our help article Special conditions when assigning multiple policies.

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