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12/13/23 – Important information on security guidelines under Android 14

Note from 01/11/24! The latest version (11.0.330) of the Cortado app has a workaround that fixes the problem described below. An update to Android version 14 therefore no longer needs to be postponed.

We would like to draw your attention to a current problem in the management of Android 14 devices, which has been identified by Google in the Android operating system.  

Some security policies of the device are permanently enforced and can no longer be removed. This affects devices that have been updated from Android 13 to 14 or have been delivered directly with Android 14.

We are already working hard on a partial solution recommended by Google to make most of the policies usable again for these devices. Nevertheless, the following two policies will remain permanently in the setting defined by the administrator.

Device security section:

  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
  • Enforce app scanning for malware

We strongly recommend that you check all your Android 14 devices for the correct enforcement of these guidelines or, if possible, suspend the update to Android 14 for the time being. An update announced by Google will only prevent the recurrence of this bug. However, Google's announced update will not fix the problem on devices that are already affected.

If your devices are already affected, it will be necessary to remove the work profile or reset the device to factory settings.

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