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09/28/23 – Cortado MDM with new WLAN policies for Android

We are pleased to announce that Cortado MDM now has new WLAN policies for fully managed Android devices (COBO) and company-owned Android devices with a working profile (COPE).

In addition to the existing policies Allow configuration and changing of Wi-Fi networks and Allow changes to Wi-Fi networks added via MDM, there are now the following new policies:

  • Allow sharing of Wi-Fi networks added via MDM.
  • Allow enabling/disabling of Wi-Fi
  • Allow using Wi-Fi Direct
  • Allow adding Wi-Fi networks
  • Minimum Wi-Fi security level
  • Allow or block WLAN SSIDs

You can find the new policies in Cortado's administration portal under Administration→ Policies. To learn how to add new policies, see our help article Create MDM Policies.

Wi-Fi policies for Android devices

Wi-Fi policies for Android devices

For a detailed description of all Wi-Fi policies, see our help article How to configure the Wi-Fi settings on company-owned Android devices.

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