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12/06/22 – Cortado MDM introduces a new feature and an important message

We are pleased to announce that the new version of Cortado MDM is now available.

Integrity check for Android devices

With the new version of Cortado MDM there is now support for the Google (Play Integrity API) integrity checker. The integrity checker replaces the SafetyNet check (SafetyNet Attestation API) previously employed by Google. You will find the integrity checker where the SafetyNet check was previously located, in Settings and the Android Policies. If you used the SafetyNet check in the past, you must now reconfigure the integrity checker. To do so, proceed as described in our help article How to set a minimum integrity level for Android devices.

a screenshot of a web page with the settings highlighted.

Important advice for iOS/iPadOS device management

The option to use test certificates for the Apple Push Notification service will expire soon. Check whether you still have an Apple Push test certificate in use and, if necessary, exchange it for your own Apple Push certificate. You can find how to do this in our help article How to replace your test certificate for Apple Push Notification service.

a screen shot of the apple test certificate.

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