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02/02/23 – Cortado MDM with new features for iOS/iPadOS

We are pleased to announce that Cortado MDM is now available with a number of new features. 

New iOS/iPadOS policies

The latest update to Cortado MDM includes a variety of new iOS/iPadOS policies:

  • Allow app clips
  • Allow personalized ads delivered by Apple
  • Allow modifying cellular plan settings
  • Allow iCloud Private Relay
  • Allow Mail Privacy Protection
  • Allow modifying eSIM settings
  • Allow NFC 
  • Allow modifying Personal Hotspot settings
  • Allow putting into recovery mode from an unpaired device
  • Force dictation on the device
  • Autonomous Single App Mode (Bundle IDs)
  • Allow installation of rapid security responses
  • Allow removal of rapid security responses
  • Show default domains in login screen
  • Grace period for online authentication (days)
For an overview of all available iOS/iPadOS policies, see our help article Available policies for iOS devices. Information about the content of each policy can be found in Apple's manual and for new policies as of iOS 16 also here.

For example, you can now control the rapid security responses that Apple introduced with iOS/iPadOS 16 using new policies. For more information, see our help article How to control the installation of rapid security response for supervised iOS devices.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings selected.

There are also new policies for shared iPads. From now on, it is possible to specify domains, which are then displayed in the QuickType keyboard in the login screen to make it easier for users to log in to the device. Also new, it is possible to set a so-called grace period (in days), which delays the online authentication of devices to the Apple server. This can be useful for shared iPads that are mainly used offline (or on the intranet).

a screenshot of the policy configuration dialog.For more information on using shared iPads, see our help article How to allow several users to share a managed iPad (shared iPad).

Support of the WPA3 protocol for WLAN profiles

From now on, the WPA3 profile, which is characterized by particularly strong encryption technology and password authentication, is available in the WLAN profile for iOS. For more information on setting up WLAN profiles, see our help article Create Wi-Fi profile for iOS devices.

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