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How to let users of managed iOS devices manage non-mandatory apps

With the help of the Cortado app, users of managed iOS devices can individually install or uninstall apps, the use of which is not  mandatory.


Make apps that are not mandatory available to your users. The users can then decide for themselves whether they want to install or uninstall these apps. 


a screen shot of a web page with a green arrow.

  • Then import additional apps that are not mandatory for users from the Apple Business Manager.
  • To allow this, uncheck the Mandatory checkbox (upper arrow in the illus.).
  • You can also specify whether the apps are to be initially rolled out or not (lower arrow in the illus.).
  • Assign these apps to the users as well.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the text app configuration highlighted.

Users will now find the Cortado app on their managed devices. They can log in to the app with their Cortado password (arrow in the left illus.) and from there they may install or uninstall their optional apps (arrows in the right illus.).

the login screen of a cell phone.

You will find more information on the app in the user guide for the Cortado app for iOS

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