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How to manage the "Display over other apps" policy on fully managed Android devices

There are some apps that overlay themselves on top of other apps and thus run simultaneously with them in the foreground. These apps may then, among other things, display message bubbles, pop-ups or a music or video player. Included amongst these apps are the Facebook Messenger app or apps like Twilight, for example. But additionally, apps such as the IT remote support tool, TeamViewer or the phone book app, which can give a spam warning even before a call is received.


In this How To we show you how to create a policy in the Cortado administration portal for fully managed Android devices, that will let you globally disable the Display over other apps app policy and what you need to consider when doing so.


  • In the Cortado administration portal select Administration→ Policies.
  • Click on the Plus icon to add a new policy.
  • Then select Android and Fully managed device as the setup method.
  • Under Apps (upper arrow in illus.), locate the policy Allow apps to display over other apps (lower arrow in illus.). This app permission is enabled globally by default.
  • Remove the tick from the checkbox if you want to disallow this policy globally (i.e. for all apps).

a screenshot of a web page with the policy configuration highlighted.

Note! Be aware that for fully managed Android devices, you have control over which apps may be used by the users and that this policy may not be disabled for certain apps, e.g. TeamViewer.
  • Now assign the policy to the users/groups/devices.
  • In the Cortado app on the devices of the users it will now be displayed under Policies Apps, that Allow apps to display over other apps is no longer allowed (arrow in left illus.).
  • Apps such as TeamViewer, which require this permission to function, can no longer be used (right illus.). That’s because it is not possible to control this permission for individual apps if it has been globally disabled via the policy.

a screenshot of the teamviewer app on an iphone.

Note! The policy "Allow apps to display over other apps" occurs once in the category Apps (see illus. above) and again in the category Kiosk mode. If the policy is enabled under Kiosk Mode, only the policy configured there applies, while the policy in the category Apps will be ignored. If Kiosk Mode is not configured, the policy configured in the Apps category applies.

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