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How to fix OS update issues on Samsung devices in Kiosk mode

When running OS updates, there are currently problems with fully managed Samsung devices that are in kiosk mode. The reason is that Samsung devices do not use the system update manager to execute OS updates, but the Knox E-FOTA app that runs in the background.


In this how-to article, we will show you how to put Knox E-FOTA on the permission list for your devices in kiosk mode. So that OS updates can be performed successfully after download.


Prerequisite: The Samsung device is in kiosk mode.
  • In the Cortado MDM administration portal, under Administration→ Policies, add a new policy by clicking on the plus button.
  • Then select Android as the platform.
  • Keep the selected setup method Fully managed device (arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

  • Under Apps→ Allow list apps, enter the bundle ID of the Knox E-FOTA app: com.wssyncmldm
  • Confirm your entry by clicking OK.

a screenshot of the policy configuration dialog.

  • After that, select the policy (left arrow in illus.) and assign it to users/groups/devices (right arrow in illus.).
  • For more instructions on creating and assigning policies, see our article Create policies for Android devices.

a screen shot of a web page with the contact button highlighted.

The Knox E-FOTA app now runs in the background (not visible to users) on Samsung devices. The download of OS updates is now started automatically 30 seconds after a notification is displayed when the devices are connected to the WLAN. After downloading, the update is executed.

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