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How to let users of fully-managed Android devices use their own Google accounts

Until now, if company-owned Android devices were fully-managed, app management was included as a part of that. With app management, the administrator determines which apps will be made available to the user, and which will not. With the new version of Cortado, administrators can now decide whether or not they want to manage apps for their users. If preferred, the users can now use their own Google accounts. App management no longer rests in the hands of the administrators, but in the hands of the users.


In this How-To we will explain how to set up fully-managed Android devices with a private Google account.


If you decide to hand over app management to the users of otherwise fully-managed Android devices, proceed with Creating Managed Google Play Accounts as follows:

  • Uncheck the Set up Managed Google Play accounts on fully managed devices checkbox (arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of the configurator screen with the configurator.

The user devices can now be integrated, using one of the methods described here.

Note! When using Android zero touch make the following entry under DPC extras:


"": { 
"host": "XXXXXX",
"type": "zero-touch"
"": true

Then, following the device configuration, the users can set up their own Google account in the device settings, under Accounts and backup→ Accounts→ Add account (arrow in illus.).

two screens showing the settings and settings of an app.

Once an account has been added (arrow in left illus.), the users open the Google Play Store and select their own Google account there (arrow in right arrow).

two screens of a cell phone with different settings.

The apps are now managed by the user of the device. Consequently, all previously enacted settings under Apps in the Administration Portal no longer influence fully-managed Android devices.

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