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How to provide browser bookmarks for your Android users

Do you want to supply your users with links to websites (bookmarks) and web apps via MDM, so that the users don’t have to manually create them on the Android devices? We’ll show you how to do it in this How-To.


Many of our customers have expressed the desire to be able to centrally set up links to web applications or web sites. This is very easily done with iOS. However, it can also be achieved with Android. For this, we use Managed Configurations in the Google Chrome browser.


Note! The Google Chrome browser is provided by default as a part of the work profile, as well as on completely managed devices. However, to use Managed Configurations for this app, Google Chrome must be added to the Administration Portal and assigned to the users.
  • So start by adding the Google Chrome app to the Administration Portal. Proceed with this as described here.
  • Then assign Google Chrome to the users. Proceed with this as described here.
  • Next, open Managed Configurations in Google Chrome. Proceed with this as described here.
  • Scroll down to Managed Bookmarks (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Now enter your bookmarks according to the following schema (lower arrow in illus.):
[ { "name": "Name des ersten Links", "url": "https://..." }, { "name": "Name des zweiten Links", "url": "https://..." }]


[ { "name": "Cortado", "url": "" }, { "name": "Teamplace", "url": "" }]

a screenshot of a web page with a link to a page.

  • Add as many links as you wish. It is best to prepare the entries first in a notepad and then add the complete text into the text field.
  • Click on Save and OK to confirm your entries.
  • Then select the Google Chrome Managed Configurations and click on Assign.

a screenshot of the google search console.

  • The settings will then be distributed to all Android devices.
  • The users can then locate the links in the Google Chrome browser under Bookmarks→ Managed bookmarks.

a screenshot of a cell phone with the settings highlighted.

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