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How to configure the Exchange account for Samsung email users

Do you use Android Enterprise on Samsung-devices? Then you can now provide the Samsung email app for your users and preconfigure it for them with the help of Managed Configurations. In this scenario, the exchange account is a component of the work profile or of the fully-managed device. Now the users only need to enter their password to receive emails.


In this How To we’ll show you how to preconfigure the Samsung email app through the Cortado Administration Portal and distribute it to the users’ devices.


Note! This How To is not an official endorsement from Cortado. We’ll show you here how you can use the Samsung email app with Cortado. The manufacturer is responsible for support for the app.
  • In the Administration Portal, select Administration→ Apps→ App Store Accounts.
  • Create a App Store account for Android Enterprise.
  • Then search for the Samsung Email app with Manage Android Apps and add the app to the App Store account (see here).

  • Now select the app in the column on the left and then on the right, under Details, click on Configure.

  • Select the Managed Configurations tab (upper arrow in illus.). As a minimum, make the following settings:
  • Open the menu options Exchange ActiveSync accounts list and Exchange ActiveSync account configuration (middle and lower arrow in illus.).
    • Email Address: #useremailaddress#
    • User name: #usersamaccountname#
    • EAS domain: #userdomainname#
    • Exchange server name: Enter the address of your ActiveSync Hosts/Mailservers here, so it will be accessible to the mobile devices.
Note for users of Cortado MDM! SAMAccountName and domain name must have been added in the user management before.

  • Then assign the app to the users/groups.
  • The app will now be pushed onto the users’ Samsung mobile devices (arrow in illus. on left shows an example for a work profile).
  • The email account will be created automatically, so the user only has to enter the password (arrow in illus.).

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