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How to enable Google account users manually for Android Enterprise

When using Google Accounts: If the domains of the AD email addresses of the users do not match with the Primary Domain you can enable users manually, after the import.

  • In this case, clear the Auto enable users for Android Enterprise while import checkbox and Create Google account using AD email address checkbox during the Android MDM configuration (see the section Transferring Google settings to the management console).
  • Firstly, import the users, as described in the sections Import and manage users or groups.
  • Then select the desired Group Templates or users under Control Panel→ Group Templates or Control Panel→ Users (left arrow in illus.) and then click on Enable Android Enterprise (right arrow in illus.).

  • Add the missing information, if necessary, (E-Mail, First name, Last name) and confirm with OK.

the user is enabled manually, because the email domains don't match

  • Now a Google account will be created for the selected user, under the supplied email address.
  • The user is simultaneously enabled for Android enterprise (right arrows in illus.).

the user has been successfully enabled for Android Enterprise

  • To disable a user, simply click on Disable Android Enter­prise (middle arrow in illus.).

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