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How to connect personal and business calendars on Android devices with work profile

You want your users to see your personal and business appointments in the same calendar app (for example, Google Calendar). Then connect both calendars with the help of a policy. 


In this how-to, we'll show you how to create a policy for Android devices with a work profile that can be used to connect calendar apps from both the personal and business profiles.


  • In the Cortado administration portal select Administration→ Policies.
  • Click on the Plus icon to add a new policy.
  • Then select Android and Work profile as the setup method.
  • There you will find the policy Connected work and personal apps under Device Usability (arrow in illus.).
  • Enter the bundle ID of the calendar app you want to connect (arrow in illus.).

  • You can find the bundle ID of your app in the Google Play Store, in the address bar of the browser (example in illus.).

  • Users now need to open the settings on their Android devices with work profile (arrow in the left illus.) and then tap Apps (arrow in the right illus.)→ Special app access→ Connected work and personal apps.

  • There, users select the desired calendar app (example in the left illus.) and activate the slider (arrow in the right illus.).

Note! The connection of the two calendars may take a few minutes.
  • All appointments (private and business) are then displayed in the calendar of the work profile (example in the left illus.).
  • In the menu of the calendar app both email accounts (work profile and private profile) are listed (arrows in the right illus.).

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