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How to use remote IT support tools on Android devices in Kiosk mode

IT remote support tools, such as TeamViewer, require special app access where displaying apps over other apps is allowed. On devices in kiosk mode, this special app access must be enabled using a policy.


In this how-to, we will show you how to configure the kiosk mode policy to allow a remote IT support tool to be used on users' Android devices.


Note! The policy Allow apps to display over other apps exists once in the Kiosk Mode category (see image) and once in the Apps category. If the policy is activated under Kiosk Mode, only the policy configured there applies and the policy in the Apps category is ignored. If Kiosk Mode is not configured, the policy configured in the Apps category applies.

a screenshot of the policy configuration dialog.

After assigning the policy, the devices will be put into kiosk mode (left illus.). The IT remote support tool (e.g. TeamViewer) is available on the Android device and can be used (right illus.).

a cell phone with the teamviewer host on the screen.

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