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Managing users

You can make further settings under Control Panel→ Users→ Settings→ Edit.

Besides the user’s name, first name, email address and email language, you can add other details here (UPN, SAM account name, Managed Apple ID, domain, telephone number). Later, these details will help you to use wildcards (variables) when setting up MDM profiles.

Account enabled: If a user logs into the User Self Service Poral with an incorrect password five times within an hour, his user account is automatically blocked. Here you can reactivate the user account by setting the checkmark again. Additionally, you have the option to disable a user account by removing the checkmark.

Under Max. device count you can specify how many devices the user is permitted to configure. This number is restricted to a maximum of three per user.

Nutzereinstellungen ergänzen

The following options are available if you have marked at least one user:

User management – further options

DeleteHere you can delete selected user from Cortado Management Console.
Send Invitation E-mailYou can (re)send the welcome email to the selected user here. The user can use this email to register in the User Self Service Portal.
Change Group TemplateYou can change the user’s group template here. You can find more information on changing and rolling out group templates here.
Get SettingsWith this action you can assign settings from one user to another (Settings, Policies, Profiles, Apps & Docs). If the Settings are selected here, only the e-mail language and the maximum permitted number of devices (Max. device count) will be assigned.
Fast EnrollmentWith this action you can configure the users’ devices yourself. Then it’s no longer necessary for the users themselves to log in to the User Self Service Portal to carry out these steps (see section Fast Enrollment).
Enable/Disable Android EnterpriseThis button is only available when using Google Accounts. You enable or disable the users for And­roid Enterprise here. To enable users, several settings must be made before­hand under Global Settings→ MDM→ Configure→ Android MDM.
Remove SettingsHere you can delete configuration settings for selected users. You can select which settings you want to delete. Select the relevant settings (Policies, Profiles, Apps & Docs) and delete them with Remove.

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