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Add Android apps from the Google Play Store

In this article, we will show you how to import Android apps from the Google Play Store into the Cortado administration portal and then assign them to users' devices.

  • In the Administration Portal select Administration→ Apps.
  • Click on the plus button (left arrow in illus.) and then select Android (right arrow in illus.). 

a screenshot of a web page with an arrow pointing to the app.

  • Select Google Play Store Apps now if you want to add apps from the Play Store. 
A description for adding Self-Hosted Apps can be found here.

a screenshot of the google play store app.

Now you can add the following apps:

Apps from the Google Play Store

Your own (self-developed) apps

Web apps (links to websites)

Note! All apps you add as described in the following section can be used for Android kiosk modus.

Add apps from Play Store

Note! Many Android devices that are completely managed with Cortado do not have the camera app (by default) available. If you still want to make a camera available to your users, proceed as described in the following section.

  • Under Search Play Store, enter the name of the app and then click on the Serach button (arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of the office app on a computer.

  • Select the desired app and then click on Select (upper arrow in illus.).
  • You can now select more apps and then in the next step, click Import selection (lower arrow in illus.) to add them all together.

a screenshot of a microsoft word document.

  • You will now find the apps you added through this process in the console, on the left.
  •  Assign the app to the users or groups.
  • The apps are set to Mandatory by default and, after being assigned, are consequently pushed onto the users‘ devices.
  • If there are apps you don’t want to assign, select the app and click on Edit (left arrow in illus.). Then clear the Mandatory checkbox (right arrow in illus.).

Note! The Mandatory checkbox is enabled by default. You can find out how to change this default setting in our help article Edit the Android App Store account.

a screen shot of a app configuration android screen..

  • The user can then locate the app in the Business Play Store

a screenshot of a cell phone with the app icon highlighted.

  • If the use of an app is not compulsory (i.e. not Mandatory), but should, none­theless, be initially pushed onto the user’s device, the select Rollout initially. The users can then individually delete the app later.
  • If you want to use an app for Kiosk mode that should not be visible on the users' devices, activate the Hide in Kiosk checkbox. This can be useful, for example, when using remote assistance tools that should only run in the background.
  • Assign the app to the users/groups.

Add own (self-developed) Apps

You can either upload your own (self-developed) apps in the Google Play Store or add them directly via the Cortado Administration Portal. Please note the hints given in the Google Help for creating apps or managing APK files.

  • Under Private apps (left arrow in illus.) click on the Plus button (right arrow in illus.).

Note! Read the advice from Google under Learn more.

a screenshot of a webpage with the google play button.

  • Allocate a title and upload your app.
  • Then click on Create (arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of the google play button.

  • Enter your email address. 

the email address for a computer user.

The app will then be uploaded. However, it may take up to 10 minutes until the app is unlocked by Google. 

a screenshot of the google play button.

  • After the app is released, click Refresh.

refresh app store account

  • You can now find your app in the left column of the Administration Portal. 
  • Assign the app to the users/groups.

Adding web apps

  • Under web apps (left arrow in illus.), click on the Plus button (right arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of the google play button.

Note! You can organise your apps into libraries using the Organize apps button. You can find how to do that in Google help.
  • Enter a title and the URL of the web app and under Display, select how the web app should be displayed on the device.
  • Upload an icon as well.

a screenshot of the google play button.

  • Click on Create to save your work.
  • The release of a web app through Google can take up to 10 minutes. You should therefore firstly set up all the web apps you want to make available to your users and then click on Refresh (right arrow in illus.).

refresh app store account

  • Following Refresh the newly set up web apps should be displayed in the left column. If that doesn’t occur, wait a short time and then click again on Refresh.

assign web app

The users will then find the web apps on their devices. 

a cell phone with a bunch of icons on it.

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