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How to configure the location services of Android devices

You can manage location services for the apps of fully managed Android devices (COBO) using a policy.


The aim is to configure a fully managed Android device so that a user can no longer turn on or off location services for any apps on their Android device. Always turning off location services may be necessary for privacy protection reasons, for example.

Note! This does not affect the retrieval of a device in case of loss. Even if location services are turned off, the device can be set to lost mode and located.


  • In the Cortado administration portal choose Administration→ Policies.
  • Add a new policy by clicking on the plus icon.
  • Then select Android and as the enrollment method Fully Managed Device.
  • There you can finde the location services (arrow in illus.). By default, the User controlled option is selected. When using this option, the user himself determines whether the location services should be used or not.

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

  • If you want to set the location services to be always on, select the Always ON option.
  • If you want to specify that the location services should always be turned off, select the Always OFF option.
  • Then select the new policy (upper arrow in illus.)in the left column and assign it to the desired users/groups/devices by clicking Assign (lower arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of the control panel of a computer.

  • Users will then find the policy in the Cortado app (arrow in the left illus.). If a user now taps on Use location in the settings of his Android device, he receives a message that this option has been Blocked by your IT admin (arrow in the right illus.).

a screenshot of a cell phone with the location location button highlighted.

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