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How to migrate your deprecated Wi-Fi profile for Android devices

Cortado's Wi-Fi profiles have been extensively updated and adapted to the settings on Android devices. Existing profiles should therefore be replaced with new profiles as soon as possible. 


In this How-To, we will show you how to proceed with the migration of your old Wi-Fi profiles and what you need to bear in mind.


  • Select Administration→ Profiles in the Cortado administration portal.
  • You can recognize an outdated profile by the red exclamation mark in front of the profile name in the left column and the information text under Details (see image).

depricated Wi-Fi profile in the administration portal

Proceed as follows for the migration:

  1. Create a new Wi-Fi profile and assign it to your users, groups or devices. Proceed as described in our help article Create Wi-Fi profile for Android devices.
  2. Test the new Wi-Fi profile on an Android device.
  3. Once you have ensured that your new Wi-Fi profile works correctly, you can select the old profile in the left-hand column and click Remove to delete it.
Note! If, in addition to your Wi-Fi profile, you have created and assigned Wi-Fi policies that prevent the editing of Wi-Fi settings on the device, it is recommended that you temporarily remove these assignments before starting the migration. Especially for devices that are only connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. A faulty Wi-Fi profile in combination with restrictive guidelines may mean that a device no longer has access to the Internet and, in the worst case, has to be reset to factory settings.

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