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How to import an iCloud backup onto a supervised iOS device

To avoid having to completely set up your supervised device again when you switch devices, the option to import an iCloud backup is available.


If an iOS user gets a new iOS device, she can create an iCloud backup from the old device and import this backup onto the new device.

In this How-To you will learn what you need to take into account if this is a supervised iOS device that will be managed via ADE.


Creating a iCloud backup

  • Before starting the backup process the user must remove the MDM profile from the old device in Settings under General→ Device Management→ MDM Profile (arrow in illus.).

  • Alternatively, you can also select the device in the Administration Portal under Devices and delete the MDM profile from the device by clicking on Remove Workspace.
  • Then the user creates an iCloud backup on the old iOS device (arrow in illus.). The user can find further information on this in the Apple Help pages von Apple.

Importing an iCloud-Backup

  • Open Administration→ Settings→ Apple Automated Device Enrollment→ Configure and create a new ADE profile. Note that the Restore from backup and Sign in to Apple ID and iCloud checkboxes must be checked (arrow in illus.).

  • In Apple Business Manager, link the new ADE profile with the new iOS device (serial number). A description of how to do that can be found here.
  • While setting up the new device, at the setup step Apps & Daten, the user must select Restore from iCloud backup and then enter the Apple ID and the password that were used to create the iCloud backup. The user can find further information on this in the Apple Help pages.
  • After completion of all the setup steps, the apps, photos and other data will be progressively restored in the background. Depending on the volume of data, this will take place over the following hours or days.

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