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Available policies for iOS devices

This list gives you an overview of all policies available in the Cortado administration portal for supervised devices and for devices with a workspace (user enrollment). You can find out how to create policies and what you need to bear in mind in our help articles.

Note! Explanations of the individual guidelines can be found in the Apple manuals Apple Platform Deployment and Apple Deployment Guide for Education.
PolicyFunctionSupervised DeviceUser EnrollmentDevice

Allow AirPrintOn/Offx

Allow storage of AirPrint credentials in KeychainOn/Offx

Disallow AirPrint to destinations with untrusted certificatesOn/Offx

Allow discovery of AirPrint printers using iBeaconsOn/Offx


Allow use of iTunes StoreOn/Offx

Allow installing appsOn/Offx

Allow installing apps using App StoreOn/Offx

Allow installing apps using alternative app marketplaces in the EU

Allow automatic app downloadsOn/Offx

Allow removing appsOn/Offx

Allow in-app purchaseOn/Offx
Allow trusting new enterprise app authorsOn/Offx
Allow playback of explicit music, podcast & iTunes U mediaOn/Offx

Allow explicit sexual content in Apple BooksOn/Offx
Allow app clipsOn/Offx

Autonomous Single App Mode (Bundle ID)Select IDx

Restrict App Usage (Allow all apps, Do not allow some apps, Only allow some apps)Selectionx


Allow modifying Touch ID fingerprints / Face ID facesOn/Offx

Allow password AutoFillOn/Offx

Allow proximity based password sharing requestsOn/Offx

Allow password sharingOn/Offx

Require Touch ID / Face ID authentication before AutoFillOn/Offx

Allow users to accept untrusted TLS certificatesOn/Offx
Require iTunes Store password for all purchasesOn/Offx
Require passcode on first AirPlay pairingOn/Offxxx
Data and Container Protection

Allow installing configuration profilesOn/Offx

Allow AirDropOn/Offx

Treat AirDrop as unmanaged destinationOn/Offxxx
Allow iCloud PhotosOn/Offx
Allow iCloud Private RelayOn/Offx

Allow managed apps to write to unmanaged contactsOn/Offx
Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contactsOn/Offxxx
Allow documents from managed sources in unmanaged destinationsOn/Offxxx
Allow documents from unmanaged sources in managed destinationsOn/Offxxx
Force managed Copy and PasteOn/Offxxx
Allow managed apps to store data in iCloudOn/Offxxx
Allow network drive access in Files appOn/Offx

Allow USB drive access in Files appOn/Offx

Force translation on deviceOn/Offxxx
Force dictation on the deviceOn/Offxxx
Allow personalized ads delivered by AppleOn/Offxxx
Allow Mail Privacy ProtectionOn/Offxxx

Allow modifying device nameOn/Offx

Force automatic date and timeOn/Offx

Allow modifying account settingsOn/Offx

Allow Erase All Content and SettingsOn/Offx

Force Wi-Fi power onOn/Offx

Join only Wi-Fi networks installed by a Wi-Fi payloadOn/Offx

Allow modifying cellular data app settingsOn/Offx

Allow modifying cellular plan settingsOn/Offx

Allow modifying eSIM settingsOn/Offx

Allow adding VPN configurationsOn/Offx

Allow modifying Bluetooth settingsOn/Offx

Disallow USB accessories while device is lockedOn/Offx

Allow screenshots and screen recordingOn/Offxxx
Allow Classroom to perform AirPlay and View Screen without promptingOn/Offx

Force encrypted backupsOn/Offxxx
Allow voice dialing while device is lockedOn/Offx
Force limited ad trackingOn/Offx
Allow HandoffOn/Offx
Force Apple Watch wrist detectionOn/Offxxx
Allow modifying Find My Friends settingsOn/Offx

Allow "Find My Devices"On/Offx

Allow "Find My Friends"On/Offx

Allow pairing with non-Configurator hostsOn/Offx

Allow pairing with Apple WatchOn/Offx

Allow setting up new nearby devicesOn/Offx

Allow NFCOn/Offx

Allow modifying Personal Hotspot settingsOn/Offx

Allow putting into recovery mode from an unpaired deviceOn/Offx

Shared iPad

Quota size for each userInput in MBx

Expected number of usersEnter numberx

User session timeoutInput in sec.x

Grace period for online authenticationInput in daysx

Allow temporary sessionsOn/Offx

Temporary sessions onlyOn/Offx

Temporary session timeout (seconds)Input in sec.x

Show default domains in login screenenter domainsx


Allow modifying WallpaperOn/Offx

Use custom wallpaperUpload imagex

Use wallpaper for Home screenOn/Offx

Use wallpaper for Lock screenOn/Offx

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk ModeOn/Offx

Bundle IDSelect IDx

Lock Screen

Show Control Center in Lock screenOn/Offxxx
Show Notification Center in Lock screenOn/Offxxx
Show Today view in Lock screenOn/Offxxx
Allow Touch ID / Face ID to unlock deviceOn/Offx
Allow Wallet notifications in Lock screenOn/Offx
OS Updates

Allow over-the-air PKI updatesOn/Offx
Defer software updates for … days (1-90)Enter valuex

Force automatic OS updates (start, end, delay days)Enter valuex

Allow installation of rapid security responsesOn/Offx

Allow removal of rapid security responsesOn/Offx


Allow modifying passcodeOn/Offx

Force passcodeOn/Offxxx
Require alphanumeric valueOn/Offx

Allow simple valueEnter valuex

Minimum number of complex charactersEnter valuex

Minimum passcode lengthEnter valuex

Automatic lock time (min.)Enter valuex

Maximum grace period for device lockEnter valuex

Passcode validity (1-730 days, or none)Enter valuex

Maximum number of failed loginsEnter valuex

Passcode history (1-50, or none)Enter valuex


Allow use of SafariOn/Offx

Enable AutoFillOn/Offx

Force fraud warningOn/Offxxx
Enable JavaScriptOn/Offx
Allow pop-upsOn/Offx
Accept cookies (always, from current website only, never)Selectionx

Allow SiriOn/Offxxx
Enable Siri profanity filterOn/Offx

Show user-generated content in SiriOn/Offx

Allow Siri while device is lockedOn/Offxxx

Allow automatic sync while roamingOn/Offx
Allow sending diagnostic and usage data to AppleOn/Offxxx
Allow modifying diagnostics settingsOn/Offx

Allow iCloud backupOn/Offx

Allow iCloud documents & dataOn/Offx

Allow iCloud KeychainOn/Offx
Allow backup of enterprise booksOn/Offxxx
Allow notes and highlights sync for enterprise booksOn/Offxx
Allow My Photo Stream (disallowing can cause data loss)On/Offx
Allow Shared AlbumsOn/Offx
System Apps

Allow use of cameraOn/Offx

Allow FaceTimeOn/Offx

Allow use of Game CenterOn/Offx

Allow adding Game Center friendsOn/Offx

Allow multiplayer gamingOn/Offx

Allow Apple BooksOn/Offx

Allow iMessageOn/Offx

Allow Apple MusicOn/Offx

Allow RadioOn/Offx

Allow use of NewsOn/Offx

Allow use of PodcastsOn/Offx

Allow removing system appsOn/Offx


Allow auto correctionOn/Offx

Allow defineOn/Offx

Allow spell checkOn/Offx

Allow modifying notification settingsOn/Offx

Allow keyboard shortcutsOn/Offx

Allow continuous path keyboardOn/Offx

Allow predictive keyboardOn/Offx

Allow dictationOn/Offx

Allow Screen TimeOn/Offx

Allow Spotlight Internet ResultsOn/Offx

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