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Assign iOS apps to the users or groups

All new created apps and docs are located in the left column under Control Panel→ Apps & Docs. Some apps have already been provided by default with the installation. These apps are saved in the form of links to the app store.

  • Select the apps, that you want to assign to the users or to the group templates (upper arrow in illus.). Noting the platform (Android or iOS) and the minimum required OS version.

  • Then click on Assign (lower arrow in illus.) and then on Assign Users. Select the desired users and click on OK.

  • If you work with group templates, click on Assign (lower arrow in illus.) and then on Assign Groups. Select the desired group. Afterwards, tap on Rollout on assigned users, to make sure that every member of the group gets the assigned app or the document (existing users as well as newly added users).
Note!  You can also assign the apps under Control Panel→ Users or Group Templates.

Apps that are set up as Mandatory and/or Rollout initially app, will now also be pushed to the users‘ devices.

Users will find the apps on there devices.

  • Under Control Panel→ Devices→ Apps & Docs you can see if pushing the app was successful or not. (You can also select a device via the user. To do so, click on Control Panel→ Users. Select the user, and then go to Devices→ Details.)
  • If the indicator is green, pushing was successful. A blue dot indicates that the pushing of the app is still pending, a red dot indicates that it failed.

The users can still find apps that are not Mandatory in the User Self Ser­vice Portal under Apps

When the users select the app, they can install it onto their devices with a click on Install

Users will also find imported apps, that were not initially rolled out and are also not Mandatory, in the User Self Service Portal under Apps and can download them there. 

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