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Create Managed Configurations for iOS apps

In this article, we will show you how to configure iOS apps for your users in advance. Managed configuration allows you to configure app settings remotely. Beforehand however, you must be certain which configuration options are available for the app in question. This generally applies to apps you have developed yourself or those that were developed for you. If you want to configure an app from the App Store, you will require the app’s internal documentation. You can find more information on this at or under

Note! You can create an additional administrator account for your app manager.
  • Select in the Administration Portal Administration→ Apps
  • Firstly, add the app that you want to configure to the Management Console (ABM apps, apps from App Store, own (self-developed) apps). In doing so, ensure that the Managed checkbox is checked.
  • Then select Managed Configurations→ Create.

a screenshot of a web page with a link to the page.

  • Then select the platform Apple.

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

  • Then make the following settings (example):

a screenshot of a computer screen showing a configuration.

  • Name: Give this configuration a name.
  • Select Application: Select the app for which you want to set a configuration.
  • Key: The app developer defined Keys, for example, the key username. You can obtain these keys either directly from the app developer or locate them in the app’s internal documentation. For example, you can find the keys for the managed configurations of the ezeep Blue app.
  • Type: The following types are available:
    • String: Strings of words, characters or numbers
    • Boolean: true or false
    • Integer: integer values without a comma, plus or minus
  • Value: Then a Value can be provided for the Key. Use variables, so that this name will be inserted automatically.
  • Save your configuration.
  • Then select the configuration in the overview and click on Assign.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings highlighted.

  • Then select users or groups and confirm with OK

a screenshot of a cell phone with a group of people on it.

Note! You can also assign the Managed Configurations under Administration→ Users or Groups (see section Assigning to users or groups).

  • After you have assigned the Managed Configurations to the users/groups, you need to distribute the app itself (including the Managed Configurations) to the users or groups.

assign managed app to a user, group or device

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