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Separate private and business iOS apps (BYOD)

This option lets you configure your app settings remotely. Beforehand however, you must be certain which configuration options are available for the app in question. This generally applies to apps you have developed yourself or those that were developed for you. If you want to configure an app from the App Store, you will require the app’s internal documentation. You can find more information on this at or under

  •  Firstly, add the app that you want to configure to the Administration Portal (ABM apps, apps from App Store, own (self-developed) apps.).
  • Assign the apps to the users/groups.
  • Create a new policy. To do so, click the plus icon in the Administration Portal under Administration→ Policies. Then select iOS/iPadOS.
  • In the policies, first select the User Enrollment setup method (first arrow in illus.), and then under Data and Container Protection, uncheck Allow documents from managed sources in unmanaged destinations (second arrow in illus.). Then, when importing or exporting files, users on iOS devices will only be offered those apps that you have made available via the Administration Portal.
  • If you also want to prevent data from private apps from entering business apps, uncheck Allow documents from unmanaged sources in managed destinations (third arrow in illus.).
  • If you also want to prevent data (e.g. texts)  from being copied and pasted back and forth between managed and unmanaged apps, enable the Force managed copy and paste policy (fourth arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a settings page with the policy configuration highlighted.

Now, if the user wants to share a document with another app or export the document there, only business apps will be offered (example in illus.). 

a cell phone with the app on the left and the app on the right.

Thus, private and business data are kept apart from each other. 

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