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The MDM profile can’t be installed

Problem: Configuration of an MDM profile on an iOS or Android device fails. The procedure is cancelled.

Possible causes:

1. The user is attempting to set up the MDM profile on more devices than are allowed.

2. The ports required for communication between server and device have not all been released.

3. The device does not meet the minimum requirements for Mobile Device Management.

4. An Apple Push certificate (APNs) for using iOS devices is missing or expired.

5. An account for Android enterprise created incorrectly in the management console.

6. Server components are not, or only partially, ready for use.


1. In the Cortado management console under Control Panel→ Users→ Max. device count, check how many devices the selected user is permitted to use (arrow in illus.). If necessary, increase the number of permitted devices. To do that, select a user and, in Settings click on Edit. One user can be permitted to us a maximum of three devices.

2. Check that all the ports required for Mobile Device Management are open. You can see an overview of ports here.

3. For Android devices in particular, it can happen that the device doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for Android enterprise. Please check if the device in question is present on this list.

4. Check the validity of your Apple Push certificates in the management console under Control Panel→ Certificates→ Apple Push Certificate (left arrow in illus.). Renew the certificate, if necessary (right illus.). You can find more information here.

5. Check in the management console under Control Panel→ Global Settings→ MDM→ Configure→ Android MDM that all the settings have been made correctly. You’ll find more information for Managed Google Play Accounts here and for Google Accounts.

6. Check whether the following URL can be called from the mobile device that you want to configure: https://your.cortadoserverurl.tld/Push.svc (example:
If you see an error message instead of a version overview, please contact our support with the error code you received.

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