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Activation of an eSIM on a supported iOS/iPadOS device fails

Problem: The activation of an eSIM on a supported iOS/iPadOS device fails with the following error message: eSIM could not be activated. 

Possible causes

Policies restricting the use of the eSIM have been assigned to the user (group or device).


  • Select the user in the administration portal under Administration→ Users→ Policies and check whether policies have been assigned (example in illus.). (Also check this under Administration→ Groups or Administration→ Devices).

policies in the user management

  • If a policy has been assigned, select it under Administration→ Policies and then click on Edit (arrow in illus.).

edit policy

  • Now check whether the following options are activated. If not, place a tick in the corresponding checkbox, save the policies and reassign them.
Note! If one or more of the following guidelines have been deactivated, activation of the eSIM will fail.

select policy Allow installing configuration profiles

checkmark the policies

You can find many useful tips on creating guidelines in our help article Configure and assign policies, profiles and apps.

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