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Distribute updates from Android apps to users

To apply changes made in the Google Play Store (such as a new version) to the management console, proceed as follows:

  • Open in the management console Control Panel→ Apps & Docs→ VPP Accounts. 
  • Select your Android VPP account (left arrow in the illus.).

    Then click on Refresh (right arrow in the illus.).

  • Select the app in the left column and, under Details, click on Rollout on assigned users (and, if required, on Rollout on failed users), to push the new version of the app on to the users’ devices. 

Note! By clicking on Refresh all the apps in the console will be synchronised with the Google Play Store. Sync conflicts can occur with this process, for example, if the permissions for the apps have chan­ged. These conflicts can be identified by an exclamation mark before the app name in the left column (left arrow in illus.).
  • To resolve the conflict, click under Details on Accept (right arrow in illus.).

Then a list of changed permissions is displayed. Confirm this with OK. You can change all the permissions for the app later.

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