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Viewing app feedback from Android devices about managed configurations

Managed configurations for apps have long enabled you to eliminate app setup problems by pre-configuring everything needed by your users. The principal disadvantage of managed app configuration so far has been that you had little oversight into the actual impact of those configurations on end-user devices. This is all changing now with Cortado MDM's new app feedback feature.

You receive feedback from the app that will let you know if the app configuration was successful and whether the applied configurations were able to be implemented correctly.

  • In the administration portal, select Administration→ Apps.
  • Then, in the left column, select the app for which you want to check the feedback.

When the app attempts to apply the managed configurations that you pushed, it sends back an encrypted app state for each configuration. However, this can take some time.

  • Open the App feedback tab. Here you can see the notification messages sent by the app.
  • You can also filter the app feedback and delete all messages if required (right column).
  • Under Devices, you can determine which devices have sent the feedback. To do that, click on the number after the message.

a screenshot of a computer screen with the settings tab open.

You will now be redirected to the device management of the Cortado management portal and can see exactly which device may be having problems processing the managed app configuration.

a screenshot of a cell phone description page.

It can take as much as 24 hours for Google to provide the app feedback. However, that process can usually be accelerated. You can force the app feedback to be uploaded by clicking on the corresponding button. 

  • Select the device you want to do this for (left arrow in illus.).
  • Click on the button Force app feedback (right arrow in illus.).

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

This can be done three times per device within a 24-hour period. Normally, the feedback is then displayed immediately, provided the device is able to be reached.

In the example you can see app feedback given by the Cortado app:

a screenshot of a computer screen with a number of options.

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