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How to use variables in user import, MDM profiles or Managed Configurations

You can use variables when configuring some MDM profiles and when creating Managed Configurations for apps. The precondition for this is the availability of the corresponding data. 

Variables for the user import and MDM profiles

  • #UserEMailAddress# –
  • #UserPrincipalName# – e.g.
  • #UserSamAccountName# – e.g. johndoe
  • #UserDomainName# – e.g.

Variables for Android Managed Configurations

  • $UserEMailAddress$ –
  • $UserPrincipalName$ – e.g.
  • $UserSamAccountName$ – e.g. johndoe
  • $UserDomainName$ – e.g.

Note! Using the variables only works if the corresponding data has been stored in the user management under Administration→ Users→ Settings.

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