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How to create reports

Under Administration→ Reports (arrow in illus.)you will find a clear and user-friendly presentation of data on the mobile Devices, Users or Apps & Docs deployed in your environment. You can create and then export a multitude of different reports here.

In the following example we‘ll give you more detail on the functionality of these tools.

open Reports

  • In the left column select Devices, for example (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Then open the drop down menu under Filter (lower arrow in illus.).

select filter under devices

Filters available under Devices

  • Next, select the filter you want to use (left arrow in illus.).
  • A further selection of filters will then become available. Make your selection of the details you wish to include (right arrow in illus.).

Filters available under Last contact (example)

  • You can also combine multiple filters. To do so, select another filter of your choice and then the details you want to include.
  • The filter created first is still active (arrow in illus.). You can delete it when you wish by clicking on the red X.

Filters available under Platforms (example)

  • Then click on Apply, when you have completed your desired combination of filters (arrow in illus.).

Example of a combination of several filters

  • The results of your search will then be presented in a list.
  • You can export the data if you wish, as a PDF, XLSX or CSV file, or simply copy it to the clipboard (Copy) (arrow in illus.).

search result

  • Open the drop-down menu (arrow in picture) and display further details about the found devices in the table.

Show additional table columns

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