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Create Wi-Fi profile for iOS devices

In the Wi-Fi profile, you can set up your Wi-Fi connection and assign it to the users. Now the users don’t need to log on as the wireless network will be recognised.

  • First proceed as described here.
  • Select Wi-Fi as the profile that you want to add. The following dia­log will open:

a screenshot of a computer screen with a wifi login.

Make the following settings:

  •  Profile name: Enter a name for the profile here.
  •  Service Set Identifier (SSID): Enter the network name or device number (SSID) of the Wi-Fi hotspot here.
  •  Security type: Select the type of Wi-Fi encryption here. Depending on the Wi-Fi encryption used, you can select a predefined SCEP profile or Certificate profile.

Note! If you want to use the certificate profile to distribute a root certificate that was generated with your own certificate authority, you must enter the certificate name in this Wi-Fi profile.
To do this, select one of the security types with name "Enterprise" and enter the certificate name under Trusted server certificate names. Otherwise, users would be asked to agree to the untrusted certificate.

  • Wi-Fi password: Enter the Wi-Fi password here. Then the user will not have to enter the password to access the wireless network.
  •  Proxy: Here you can make the settings for a proxy server for iOS devices. Select None, if you want to do the configuration without a proxy server. Otherwise, select Manual or Automatic.
  • Enable Auto Join if, after authenticating himself once, the user is always con­nected automatically to the wireless network provided here.
  • Select Hidden Network, if your wireless network is hidden. Then the user has to enter the SSID of the Wi-Fi hotspot to use the wireless network.
  • Disable MAC Address Randomization: The randomization of Mac addresses introduced by Apple in iOS14 for privacy reasons can lead to connection problems with the network in practice. iOS14 automatically sets up a separate random MAC address for each connected WLAN (SSID). If your network configuration has problems with this iOS feature, you can check Disable MAC Address Randomization to turn off this iOS feature.

You can now assign this profile to the mobile device users. Note that, to do so, Wi-Fi must be enabled on the device.

Now you can distribute the newly created profile to users / groups / devices.

  • To do this, select the desired profile in the left-hand column of the Administration Portal and click Assign.
  • Now select the users, groups or devices to whom you want to assign this pro­file. 
Note! You can also assign the profiles under Administration→ Users or Groups.

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