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Create Web Content Filter profile for iOS devices

You can stipulate websites here that the users from supervised devices are not permitted to access (Deny list URLs). Additionally, you can enable the Apple auto filter, which blocks visits to particular websites, even if they are not specifically listed in the deny list.

If your users are only permitted to visit websites that you specify, you can define them here as bookmarks (Allow list).

  • First proceed as described here.
  • Select Web Content Filter as the profile that you want to add. The fol­lowing dialog will open:

web content filter profile for iOS

Make the following settings:

  •  Profile name: Enter a name for the profile here.
  •  Enable auto filter/Permitted URLs: The auto filter filters websites according to Apple’s defined criteria. This will block access to particular websites, even if they are not specifically listed under Deny list URLs. Under Permitted URLs you can specify websites that your users are allowed to visit, even if they are blocked by the auto filter.
  •  Deny list: Enter the URLs here that your users are not permitted to access.
  •  Allow list: If you save bookmarks here, they will be added to the browser on the users’ devices. Users can then only access websites that appear on the Allow list.

Now you can distribute the newly created profile to users/ groups/devices.

  • To do this, select the desired profile in the left-hand column of the Administration Portal and click Assign.
  • Now select the users, groups or devices to whom you want to assign this pro­file. 
Note! You can also assign the profiles under Administration→ Users or Groups.

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