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Create certificate profile

Using this profile, client certificates can be automatically downloaded to the users’ mobile devices. These certificates can be used for authentication on the Wi-Fi net­work or on the exchange server. Using these profiles, the users’ mobile devices can automatically Exch­ange or Wi-Fi profiles. 

  • First proceed as described here
  • Select Certificate as the profile that you want to add.

a screenshot of a login screen with a certificate.

Make the following settings:

  • Profile name: Enter the name of the profile.
  • Display name: Enter the name of the profile, as you want it displayed to the users.
  • Use single certificate: Select this option to assign the selected certificate to all users of this profile. In this instance, all users get the same cer­tificate. So you can, for example, distribute an Exchange server’s self-signed root certificate.
  • Use Password: If you are using a password protected client certificate, i.e. .pfx file with a private key, enter it here.

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