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Separate private and business Android apps (BYOD)

The separation of private and business apps on Android devices with a work profile is done by assigning apps in the Cortado administration portal. Private apps can be downloaded by the user as usual from the Play Store of the private profile. Work apps that are to be used exclusively for business purposes, on the other hand, are assigned under Administration→ Apps (arrow in the image). These can be apps from the Google Play Store or your own (self-hosted) apps.assigning apps to users, groups or devices

All apps assigned via the administration portal are automatically part of the work profile (left illus.). You can recognize the apps by the briefcase in the app icon (left illus.).  In the work profile, business files cannot be moved into private apps (example in right illus.). Under Share, the user will only be offered apps that are part of the work profile. Thus, private and business data are kept apart from each other.

work apps on an Android device

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