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Create Managed Configurations for Android

You can edit the standard permissions of an app and create Managed Configura­tions.

  • Select in the Administration Portal Administration→ Apps. 
  • Select the app you want to configure (left arrow in the illus.), then click Configure (right arrow in the illus.).

  • You can then configure the app settings. Note that all the permis­sions and configuration options are predetermined by the respective app.
  • Permissions: Here you can determine which permissions should be managed via MDM and whether they are allowed or restricted.

  • Managed Configurations: Variables can be used in all the configuration entry fields (e.g. Default Email Signa­ture, Email Address) (upper arrow in illus.). For the e-mail app Gmail, for example, the host name/host (Exchange server) must be entered (lower arrow in illus.).

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