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Assigned Android apps are not installed automatically

Problem: Following the assignment of an Android app, the desired app has not been installed on the devices. Under Devices→ MDM States or Devices→ Apps you find the notation Pending.

Possible causes

  1. Changes to the app permissions were not accepted
  2. The devices couldn’t be reached by either Google or Cortado
  3. The manufacturer’s power-saving/performance settings prevent the app installation


1. When applications have received an update then, if the app has any new permissions or settings options, they need to be accepted or synchronized. For this purpose, go to Administration→ Apps→ App Store Accounts and select your Android App Store Account. Click on the right side on Refresh.

a screenshot of a computer screen with an arrow on android checkbox..

Check your apps (left column) for red exclamation marks. Select those applications and, under Details, accept the new permissions/settings options.

a screenshot of a web page with a firefox logo.

2. Cortado sends a prompt over the Google infrastructure to the devices, which register back to Cortado and then receive the app installation instructions. If the devices are in a network that prevents communication with Google or Cortado, the devices can’t receive any instructions. If in doubt, change the network.

3. Use a test mobile phone that has a charging cable plugged in and that’s connected to a Wi Fi network that has no notable restrictions, and observe whether the app is delivered now. If the app still can’t be installed within 10 minutes, open the (business) PlayStore on the mobile device and check whether the apps are located in the menu under My work apps. If the apps are stored there, the assignment has taken place, however the device has rejected the automatic installation. If this behaviour is common, despite connection to Wi Fi and a power source, you should refer the device to the manufacturer, or check whether very heavy resource-consuming applications are running on the device.

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