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The Cortado app for iOS/iPadOS devices – overview

You can use the Cortado app to set up a workspace on your private iOS/iPadOS devices (BYOD). In this workspace, you will find all the apps and files that your organization has made available to you. The app also gives you an overview of all your iOS and iPadOS devices registered with Cortado MDM. We have described in detail how to set up a workspace with the Cortado app in the article Enroll private iOS devices (User Enrollment).

work space on the iPhone

You can also use the app to manage your business apps and files on company devices (COBO/COPE). 

If you want to use the Cortado app on company devices, your administrator must first make the app available to you.

In this article, we will show you how to keep an overview of your devices.

Status of your device

Status of your other devices

Device information

Legal & Privacy

Status of your device

After successfully setting up a workspace/company device or selecting another device (see below), you will receive an overview of the management status with Cortado MDM. The traffic light shows you whether everything is OK or whether problems have occurred.

  • If the traffic light displays green, then the work profile and the device are running correctly, and any existing policies have been implemented (left illus.).
  • If the traffic light displays yellow, the last time the device was updated was more than 48 hours ago (middle illus.) or a mandatory app cannot be installed because it already exists in the private profile.
  • If the traffic light displays red, a policy is unable to be enforced. In the example, an insufficiently strong password has been set (right illus.).

status of the device

  • If necessary, change the password for the work profile or for the device.
  • Tap on Update now, to refresh the status message.

Status of your other devices

If you manage several devices with Cortado, you can view their status here.

  • Open the settings in the Cortado app (arrow in left illus.).
  • Then select My devices (arrow in right illus.). Here you have access to all your managed iOS devices and can view their status. 

my devices in the settings of the Cortado app

In addition to the device you are currently using (in the example: iPhone), you may also see your other devices (arrow in left illus.). In the example, the user has a fully managed iPhone (iPhone Supervised) in addition to iPhone. If this second device is now selected, you will find all available information from this second device here.

other device status on the Cortado app

Device information

Under Settings→ Device Information you will find miscellaneous information about your device.

device information in the settings of the Cortado app

You have access here to all the important websites relating to Cortado MDM. In particular, you will find all information on the subject of data protection here.

legal & privacy information in the Cortado app

Information on managing business apps and files can be found in our help articles Manage business apps (Cortado app - iOS/iPadOS) and Manage files (Cortado app - iOS/iPadOS).

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