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Managing business apps (Cortado app – iOS/iPadOS)

You will get an overview here of business apps that have been provided for you by your company (left illus.). This is useful, particularly because private apps are not visibly distinguished from apps for business use (right arrow).

Note! Private apps can only be installed on BYOD and COPE devices. Only business apps are available on COBO devices.

business apps on an iPhone

Your company can specify whether the installation of the business apps should be optional or mandatory. 

Business apps designated for optional use (upper arrow in illus.) can be self-installed as desired. Simply tap on the Install button (lower arrow in illus.).a screenshot of a cell phone with a number of apps on it.

Mandatory apps are installed automatically when using company devices (COBO/COPE). When using BYOD devices, however, you must agree to the installation (left illus.). 

So that your work apps are better distinguished form the private apps, we recommend creating a new folder for BYOD and COPE devices (example in right illus.).

agree to app installation, work space on an iPhone

It may happen that your company wants to provide you with a mandatory app that you have already privately installed on your BYOD device. In this case, the automatic installation will fail (arrow in left illus.) and the traffic light will switch to yellow (right illus.). Speak to your company about this problem.

not all mandatory apps are installed

Note! You cannot delete mandatory apps from the device again (left illus.). You can only remove these apps from the Home screen (arrow in the middle illus.). Apps for optional use, on the other hand, can be deleted from the device again within the Cortado app (arrow in the right illus.).

not possible to delete mandatory apps

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