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Enroll private iOS devices (User Enrollment)


Open Cortado email invitation

Setting up workspace


Configure your private iOS device for both work and private use. To set this up, you will receive a managed Apple ID from your workplace. Private and business apps will be kept separate from each other. Your employer has no access to your private data.

The company has access only to the work apps. It may also determine policies that can, for example, prohibit the exchange of data between private and business apps or saving data from work apps to the iCloud. However, these policies are strictly confined to the work-related area on your device. Only the setting of a device passcode can be set by your company via a policy. This serves to protect the work apps and data. Further information on which restrictions can be set via policies can be found on the Apple help pages.

Of course, your company has no access to your location data. Additionally, you can delete the MDM profile from your device at any time under Settings→ General→ Device Management.

Note! Only begin the configuration if you have received your Apple ID from your company.

Open Cortado email invitation

Your administrator has created a Cortado account for you. You consequently received an email from Cortado. (If necessary, also check the Spam folder.)

Open the email invitation on your PC or Mac:

  • Cortado Server users click the User Portal link and then proceed as described in section Setting up workspace
  • Cortado MDM users click Set password now. They will then be redirected to the Cortado website.

  • Set a password for your Cortado account and click on Continue to confirm.

Setting up workspace

  • Now click on Enroll New Device (no illus.). 
  • On the next page select, iPhone/iPad Select.

  • Retain the selected option (BYOD) (arrow in illus.).

  • Download the Cortado app from the Apple App Store.
  • Scan the QR code from the registration page (left illus.) with the app (right illus.).

  • Cortado MDM users log in to the app with their email address and the password you created in the step above. Cortado Server users use their company email address and domain password instead.
  • Then tap on Add new device (right arrow).

  • Then tap on Download Profile.

  • You will receive a message that the profile has been loaded and must be installed in the settings (left illus.).
  • Tap on Open Settings and then on MDM Profile or open the Settings and select Log in to … (arrow in right illus.).

  • Then tap on Enrol My iPhone registrieren (left illus.).
  • Log in with your managed Apple ID and temporary password (right illus.). Now assign a new password for your Apple ID and enter a telephone number for the two-factor authentication.

  • The MDM profile will now be installed. You can find it under Settings→ General→ Device management (left illus.). Under Remove Management, you can delete it from your device at any time (right arrow).

In the Cortado app, you will find all the information concerning your work apps and management. You can install more work apps and have an overview of your mobile devices.

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