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Embedding company-owned Android devices using the NFC method (COBO)

Prepare user devices

Configuration with user interaction

Configuration without user interaction

Prepare user devices

This setup method is available for both Google Accounts and Managed Google Play Accounts for Android devices version 5.0 and above.

If you’re planning to roll out a large number of devices, we recommend that you use the NFC method. To do so, you will need an additional Android device (referred to here as the admin device) for the configuration. You use this to configure the Android device of your users, referred to here as user device. The advantage: During the con­figuration, the Wi-Fi names and passwords, which must be assigned to the users’ devices, won’t have to be separately entered for each device.

  • Begin by downloading the Cortado NFC Enrollment app from Google Play Store onto the admin device (left illus.).
  • Activate Android Beam in the device settings on your Admin device (right illus.).

Install NFC-App and enable Android Beam

  • Open the app.
  • In the app settings (arrow in left illus.), you can enter the Name and Password of your Wi-Fi net­work (right illus.). With the configuration, this data is also transferred to the new device.

open app settings (left), configure Wi-Fi (right)

  • Then, in the Management Console, under Control Panel→ Global Settings→ MDM click on Configure Android NFC App.

  • Scan the QR code, using the NFC app on your Admin device (left illus.).

scan QR code with NFC app

  • To configure a User device, you have to first reset to factory settings and then restart.
  • Then hold the Admin device and User device back-to-back. Some devices will need to be placed together slightly offset from one another.
  • Then tap on the display of the Admin device to start the configuration via NFC.
  • Afterwards tap on Next (left illus.) and then on OK (right illus.) and wait until the process is complete.

starting Android Enterprise configuration

  • Repeat the foregoing process for each User device you want to configure.
  • Now you can continue the configuration of the prepared devices.
  • They are now in a mode in which a QR code can be scanned.
  • Depending on whether the user is going to continue the configuration himself at this point, or if you are going to take that on for him, there are now two ways to go forward. The configuration with user interaction and the configuration without user interaction.

Configuration with user interaction

With this type of configuration the user device receives only the server information. It can then be given to any user for further configuration. The only prerequisite is that the user has already been imported into the Management Console and activated for Android Enterprise.

Note for Cortado MDM! Users can also scan the QR code themselves in the user portal after registration.

However, if you want to take on the complete device configuration on behalf of the user, proceed instead as described here.

  • In the Management Console select Control Panel→ Global Set­tings→ MDM→ Configure Android Managed Device.

continuing device configuration

  • Another QR code is displayed.

QR code for the user device configuration

  • Scan the QR code with the user device that you want to configure.
  • Then give the device to a user of your choice. The user can then enter his login details and complete the configuration (left illus.). Cortado MDM users must first create a password for this using the invitation email and their email address. Alternatively, you can assign a password for the user when importing users. Users of Cortado Server log in with their e-mail address and domain password. 
  • Subsequently, the company with which the user registers must be confirmed (right image).

  • The user-specific configuration is now concluded. 
  • The Cortado app provides users with an overview of this. You can find more information about the Cortado app here.

Configuration without user interaction

Select this type of configuration if you want to completely configure a device for a particular user yourself.

  • In the Management Console, under Control Panel→ Users select a user for whom you want to configure a device. You can also select multiple users at the same time (left arrow in illus.), whereby the QR codes for each device will be displayed one after another.
  • Then click on Fast Enrollment (Cortado Server) or Enroll Device (Cortado MDM) (lower arrow in illus.).
Note! Illustrations differ slightly for Cortado Server.

  • Then click on Android Device (arrow in illus.).

Then select Android Fully Managed Device (arrow in illus.).

Note for Cortado MDM users! Alternatively, you can also integrate the devices via Control Panel→ Devices, by clicking on the plus button. There you also first select the desired user(s) and then Enroll Device. Then you can select the platform and the method as above.
  • A QR code will be generated for the selected user (upper arrow in illus.) This contains all the (user-specific) data required for the complete configuration of the device (middle arrow in illus.). The QR code remains valid for 15 minutes.

  • Scan the QR code with the preconfigured user device (left illus.).
  • Agree to the management of the device (right illus.)

Scan QR Code and agree to device management

  • The user-specific configuration is now concluded. 
  • The Cortado app provides users with an overview of this. You can find more information about the Cortado app here.

  • If you previously selected multiple users, click on Next to reveal the next QR code (lower arrow in this illus.).

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