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Embedding company-owned Android devices via zero touch registration (COBO/COPE)


Creating a configuration

Distributing the configuration

Android zero‑touch enrollment gives you the convenience of contactless configuration for your mobile devices. It is no longer necessary for an MDM profile to be manually rolled out to each individual device through the users or the admin.

With zero touch enrollment, the device will be checked on its first start up to determine whether a company configuration is present. If it is, the device configuration will start automatically. The Cortado Workplace app (DPC) will be downloaded in this process. This allows a large number of devices to be configured quickly and easily.

Note! Create up to four additional administrator accounts to configure Cortado MDM.


  1. You need compatible Android devices that are enabled for contactless registration. You will find such devices listed here.
  2. The devices must be obtained from an authorised resale partner. You will find a list of all authorised partners here.
  3. You need a Google account that is linked to your company’s email address. It is not possible to use a private Google account. You can learn how to link your Google account to your company’s email address here.
  4. Your resale partner creates an account for you in the zero touch portal in your Google account. They also store all your devices there, using their IMEI or serial number.

Creating a configuration

  • If all the requirements have been met, select Administration→ Settungs→ Android Enterprise→ Open Zero-Touch Enrollment Portal.

  • Using the Google account described above, log in to the Zero-touch portal.
  • In the Configurations menu (left arrow in the illus.), click on the Plus button (right arrow in the illus.).

Now make the following settings:

  • Configuration name: Give your configuration a name of your choice.
  • EMM DPC: Select Cortado Workplace here.
  • DPC extras
    • Enter the following lines, replacing XXXXXX with the address of your Cortado MDM host (e.g. or your Cortado Server (e.g. You can find the host name in the address bar of the Cortado Administration Portal.
    • "solutionType": Depending on whether the devices are only for business use (COBO), or business and private use (COPE), enter the "solutionType": "FM" here when using COBO, and the "solutionType": "WPCOD" when using COPE.

"": { 
"host": "XXXXXX",
"solutionType": "YYYYY",
"type": "zero-touch"

  • Company name: Enter your company’s name here.
  • Support email address: Enter your support email address here.
  • Support phone number: Enter your support phone number here.
  • Customised message: Enter a message to be displayed during the setup.
  • When finished, click on Add.

Distributing the configuration

  • In the menu item Devices (left arrow in illus.), select the device you require and under Configuration, assign the desired configuration to the device (right arrow in illus.).

Note! Only click on “Deregister”, if you no longer wish to use the device within the company. If you have unintentionally deleted a device, only the reseller can reregister the device for you.

  • A soon as devices that are restored to factory settings are restarted, the setup and provisioning of Android Enterprise will commence.
  • After starting the device, the user must connect to the WLAN and agree to the configuration.

  • Once the configuration is complete, the user only needs to log in to Cortado. Cortado MDM users must first create a password for this using the invitation email and their email address. Users of Cortado Server log in with their e-mail address and domain password.

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