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Assign settings in user and group management

If you have created settings (Policies, Profiles, Apps, Managed Configurations (for iOS or Android), Documents (iOS) or App Store Accounts (only for users)) in the administration portal, you can also assign them here to the users or groups under Administration→ User or Administration→ Groups.

  • Then select users or groups (left arrow in illus.).
  • Then select what you want to assign (Policies, Profiles, Apps, Managed Configurations or App Store Accounts) (example Mana­ged Configurations in illus.).
  • Then click on Assign (right arrow in illus.).
Note! When assigning directives, be sure to follow the instructions in our Help article Special conditions when assigning multiple policies.

assign managed configurations for a user

  • Select the Managed Configuration (example) (upper arrow in illus.), what you want to assign and confirm with OK (lower arrow in illus.). 

select managed configuration for Apple

Note! Once you assign a setting Policies, Profiles, Apps, Managed Configurations(for iOS or Androidor a Document (iOS) to a group, it is applied directly to the devices. There is no need to manually roll out the setting.

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